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Meet our Founder

Tahera hails from Afghanistan. She left in 1998 as her life was at risk during the regime of Taliban. She received higher education in Australia, graduating from University of Western Sydney. Tahera took part in multiple education programs throughout various countries to further polish her soft skills. Some of them include Assertiveness Development training in London, Team Leading and Management in Scotland, Tools and Procedures for Effective Development in Dubai and Geographical Information System and Program Manager System in Islamabad.
Tahera is associated with United Nations, numerous NGOs and peace programs. Her years of professional experience has enabled her to find the right balance between her business and philanthropic lifestyle.
Tahera is a Tax Agent, Business Coach and Business Advisor by profession. She is also the Peace Ambassador for International Peace Group and an honorary Women's Representative for UNICEF Afghanistan

Meet our Board members


Tahera Nassrat

Director/ CEO


Lydia Inn

Director & Board Member

Black Elegant Business Card.png

Dr Nader Saikal

State Director

Meet our Team


Seeyar Alokozai

Media Coordinator


Sonia Hakim

Community Liaison Officer


Dav Chopra

Professional Photographer


Garreth Clavijo

Health coach & advisor

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Marwiza Rahimi

Youth Coordinator

Happy Mothers Day Your Story(2).png

Khuram Novin

Cultural Performer

Meet our Team

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