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The Full Story


Afghan Peace Foundation was established in August 2019. Our Services were mainly delivered inside  Afghanistan.

​Our target sectors were

  • Women,

  • Children,

  • Education for Women and girls

  • Emergency and impacted war of war.

Our biggest completed project inside Afghanistan was rebuilt of school for girls and female teacher to return to school.

The second school project was signed with Afghanistan department of Education, but unfortunately with fall of Afghanistan, we had to stop serving indie the country.

Afghan Peace Foundation restructured its constitution and currently provides the following services in Australia for Refugees.

  • Employment and Leadership Program

  • Refugees Settlement program

  • Mental Health programs

  • Seniors' Club

  • Community Development and Cultural Festivals.



Afghan Peace Foundation works with refugees and immigrants, particularly those who have experienced wars and persecution, with a special focus on women and their families. our mission is to improve their quality of life and to promote their social and economic inclusion in order to enable them to become contributing members of society and to live in dignity.


Refugees and immigrants, especially those who have experienced wars and persecution, leading self-sufficient and dignified lives in a socially inclusive society

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