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Installation of a Cultural Monument (Plinth holding the Map of Afghanistan)  in Holroyd Gardens



Installation of a Cultural Monument in Holroyd Gardens

Installation of a Cultural Monument in Holroyd Gardens

Afghan Peace Foundation CEO Tahera Nassrat established a community project in 2021 in the solidarity of her people after the change of regime in Afghanistan and displacement of her people.

The project involves the installation of a cultural monument (Afghanistan Map in the form of a statue) in one of the Cumberland City Council’s Park.
After two years of tireless hours and working on this project by our CEO Tahera Nassrat, the motion was listed by Steve Christou to the council meeting on Wednesday the 15th of February 2023 at 6pm.

Our CEO Tahera Nassrat stated in her presentation at the council meeting that; the population for Afghan community in the Cumberland LGA is increasing and we at the Afghan Peace Foundation would like to request that Holroyd Garden to be made available for the Installation of a Cultural Monument where this can be used as a “known celebration place” for their cultural events and celebrations.

Following the multiculturally inclusive example of Glebe Park in Canberra and Jubilee Park in Parramatta, where the City of Parramatta built a statue of Mahatma Gandhi for the Indian community. We would appreciate the same for the Afghan Community in the Cumberland LGA.

A plinth holding the Map of Afghanistan, both in remembrance of their nation’s humanitarian suffering, and in celebration of the new place they call home – Australia.

After going through presentation by Tahera Nassrat and Sonia Hakim and attendance of local community members (around 30 community members), the Cumberland City Council has passed the motion in favour of our project, and we have collected votes from all the Councillors to proceed with the project.

The Cumberland City Council stated that one of the suitable parks in the Cumberland LGA will be provided to the Afghan community Project .

​However, we at Afghan Peace Foundation would like to request in reference to our original proposal in 2021, to make the Holroyd Garden available for us to implement our project.

Following are the facts that our CEO considered during her project in the Cumberland LGA.




  • 80% of the local residents are from Afghanistan and they have chosen to live in Cumberland LGA.

  • Afghans have lived and worked in Australia for over 150 years, and the Afghan community continues to make significant economic and social contributions to Australian society today.

  • Our people from Afghanistan socialize, run businesses employing other Australians, educate their children at the Cumberland LGA local schools and attend mosques within the community.

  • The people living in Cumberland LGA are mostly refugees from Afghanistan who have fled from their homeland, a land where war and persecution has occurred since 1970s and continues today.

  • Afghan refugees – old and new –feel psychologically broken due to the human rights violations in Afghanistan caused by Taliban and external interference.

  • This project will promote health and social wellbeing, which is one of the major determinants to the Health NSW. Many call the Holroyd Gardens, Bagh – e – bala, (the Upper-garden) that is one of the beautiful gardens located in Kabul, Afghanistan and many went there for recreational purposes prior to Taliban regime. Unfortunately, as well as many other doors, the doors of the gardens and parks have been closed on Afghan women.

  • On a normal day, 30-40 Afghan families gather in the Holroyd gardens for recreational opportunities for themselves and their children. Elderly play chess and cards. women do networking, and children are playing. There has been a lasting bond between Afghans and - Holroyd Garden

  • It is somewhat disappointing to acknowledge that majority of residents in Cumberland LGA are from Afghanistan and other suburbs and there is no form of country recognition for the people of Afghanistan within NSW, indeed, there is only one monument dedicated to Afghans which resides some 1,122 kms away in Broken Hill, NSW, a monument dedicated to the history and settlement of the first Afghans, the Afghan Cameleers.

  • In recent history our country has been occupied by various invaders in the last 45 years. They are hugely grateful for the safety and services which Australia and Cumberland LGA offer them.


This project IS NOT representing, Tajik, Hazara, Pashtoon, Uzbak, or any other ethnicity groups groups. It represents Afghanistan and is the sign of unity in the solidarity of our land and its people.

We have witnessed war in the past 45 years, and it is time for us to unite for peace and solidarity of our people under the MAP of Afghanistan and to acknowledge our country.

Please sign this petition for a UNITED AFGHANISTAN!

Afghan Peace Foundation


Please sign this petition for the Holroyd Gardens to be assigned for our project

Thank you

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