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Immigration minister Alex Hawke’s Iftar dinner.

Afghan Peace Foundation had the privilege of being formally invited to the Immigration minister Alex Hawke’s Iftar dinner.

The dinner included community Leaders & distinguished guests. The event was held at the Peter Shergold building, whom President of APF Tahera Nassrat had the privilege in conversating with Mr Shergold himself.

The event and room displayed the beauty & diversity in which our lovely country Australia is made up of.

Due to limited time and Mr Hawke being occupied on speaking to numerous guests, Miss Nassrat took the opportunity to thank Honourable minister Hawke, on his efforts to increase the number of Afghan refugee intake. This cause has been very close to APF’s heart and Miss Nassrat thanked Mr Hawke for encouraging and implementing this initiative.

Thank you once again Mr Hoke for the invitation.

Thank you

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