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EID Festival- July 2022.

Afghan Peace Foundation was invited to join the EID festival 2022 hosted jointly by Kateb Hazara Association Inc-Sydney, and Community Migrant Resource Centre , funded by Multicultural NSW and supported by Macquarie Community College (MCC) and STARTTS.

The program had honorable guest speakers, Minister for Multiculturalism and minister for Seniors Mark Coure, Lisa Lake Mayor of Cumberland Council, Mr Jihad Dib Lakemba MP, Farzana Nazari from CMRC and Mohammad Sami from New Castle.

Apart from speech ceremony, which was presented by amazing MC Zaki Haidari, we also had traditional Afghanistan music, food and entertainment for children.

It was nice to see again Razia jan from Afghanistan Orchestra to play traditional Afghanistan music, as well as a new young talented singer Hatif jan Haidari who sang a beautiful song (closed door) while playing Guitar, as well as played a traditional Hazaragi Tanboora.

As Eid Celebration is about sharing love and care, Kateb Association on behalf of Afghan community presented beautiful traditional clothes as gift to the guest speakers.

It was great to see that Kateb association is working with other organizations and bringing diversity into its platform by way of EID celebration.

Thanks for inviting us and for the great work.

Unity is the way to go.

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