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Afghan Peace Foundation- 3rd Anniversary

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Afghan Peace Foundation celebrated its 3rd Anniversary at the prestigious NSW Parliament House on 15th of September at 11.30am. What an incredible three years it has been for APF and its mission to focus on uniting the community & spreading the message of peace through their projects. APF looked back at some of the milestones they had achieved within the three years of operation, from the school project to aiding the refugees and the ongoing journey in assisting them. Our First Speaker to address the ceremony was Honourable Minister for Corrections, Dr. Geoff Lee. Minister Lee spoke about his acknowledgment of the good work that APF has done within the years the Foundation has been founded and showed his support and encouragement. Our second speaker for the ceremony included our CEO President of Afghan Peace Foundation, Miss Tahera Nassrat who spoke about the journey of APF through these three years and her determination on continuing her goodwill work through APF on giving back to the community. Our third speaker was Mr Joseph La Posta , CEO of Multicultural New South Wales. Mr La Posta, credited APF for their dedication towards goodwill work and their vision on their community engagement events. Our fourth speaker was Mr Masoud Zhound, CEO of Hope and Wish Foundation. Mr Zhound spoke about his collaboration work with APF and his great work dynamics with Miss Nassrat ( APF President). He spoke on his shared thoughts with APF in regard to humanitarian duties. Our Fifth speaker for the event was Mrs Jasmina Bajraktarevic, Community Services Coordinator STARTTS and President of the Refugee Council of Australia. Mrs Bajraktarevic touched base on her work she does with refugees and why it’s so important we keep our refugees in mind given their circumstances. She spoke words of encouragement towards APF and our work so far. Mrs Bajraktarevic highlighted the joined project Startts has with APF which is Seniors Club and mental health and happy to continue. Our sixth speaker was the Honourable Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister for Seniors Mark Coure MP . Minister Coure spoke on the importance of Foundations such as APF and their contribution towards the community. Minister Coure applauded APF for their work within the past three years and mentioned he is excited for what future years have awaiting for APF. Mr Coure showed his solidarity with people of Afghanistan and APF. Afghan Peace Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank all the distinguished guests for attending and celebrating its milestone third anniversary. APF will continue their focus on community work, and appreciates all the support and positive feedback they have received from community and parliament members. Thank you Photo Credit goes to Mashal Yosufi

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