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Pathways to Employment Expo

Afghan Peace Foundation for the very first time was part of the CORE Community Services project for the Pathways to Employment Expo on Wednesday the 19th of October at Fairfield centre.

Afghan Peace Foundation CEO Tahera JB Nassrat proudly shared the stage with many other amazing speakers such as Skevi Panyari, Director Partnerships & Planning at Community Services, NSW Department of Human Services, Dai Le, MP Fowler, Joanne Robertson, CORE Community Services, Strategic Analytics & Performance Manager, Reni Barkho, Deputy Mayor at Fairfield City Council Basim Shamaon (Navitas) and Adam (STARTTS NSW).

Many congratulations to Core Community Services for registering over 500 attendees on the day. It was amazing to speak to so many newly arrived refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and many more.

Afghan Peace foundation also met amazing leading organizations and built a resourceful connections and planned many meetings ahead for Tahera as employment consultant.

Great day and high achievements, Well done CCS.

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