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Peace Advocate and Public Speaker
T & R Accountants – Director
Afghan Peace Foundation- Director

SAFAL-  Director & Board Member

Chatloop Director & Board Member

NSW- Business Connect – Former Business Advisor

UNICEF Honorary Women Representative in Afghanistan
Peace Ambassador for “International Women Peace Group”
Community Ambassador 2022 “ Global Elite Media”
Finalist- Altitude Awards 2022
Finalist- Australian Small Business WOMEN Champion Award 2022

Finalist- Outstanding Businessperson- 2019
Winner- Outstanding Professional Service-  Parramatta Local Business Award – 2019
Finalist- Australian Small Business Champion Award 2020

Finalist - Outstanding Professional Service- 2020
Finalist - Parramatta Local Business Award – 2021

Parramatta’s Top Businesswoman- 2021
Finalist - RUMI International Award – 2021

Finalist : Citizen of the Year- Parramatta City 2022


Tahera is a confident tax agent, business coach and business advisor with over 20 years of experience. She has been running her tax practice (T & R Accountants) since 2009. She manages over five thousand clients from different industries such as construction, childcare, retail, health, disability, import/export and finance.

She has Diploma of arts from oversea and received her first Advance Diploma in accounting in Australia. Tahera has completed her Bachelor’s in Business and Commerce major in accounts at University of Western Sydney in 2012.

Tahera has many achievements in her career. However, she is proud to highlight that she has been appointed as women representative in UNICEF Afghanistan, peace ambassador for International Women Peace Group and was a writer for Foreign Policy Blog in USA.

Tahera is originally from Afghanistan. She started her career with United Nations, NGO and humanitarian organizations.

She joined Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF) Belgium and Holland in 1996 as financial controller/ executive assistant and her area of involvement was refugee camps, and health sectors.

​In 2002 she joined UNICEF (United Nations Children International Emergency Fund) Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

With UNICEF Afghanistan, she was appointed as women leader to run so many empowerment projects for women and encourage them to startup businesses from scratch by giving them business plans and supervise them.  

Tahera was also the project advisor in the vaccination department with both UNICEF Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Not too late, Tahera joined Department for International Development- UK, and been appointed to manage a major project of Micro-finance and worked very close with ministry of Finance in Afghanistan. Her target was to reduce level of poverty across the country -Afghanistan.


Tahera moved to Australia and straight after she joined the office of Fair Trading as customer service officer. She also worked with Roots Project Australia, Lindsay Taylor Lawyers and Sargent Security Group as company accountant and office administrator.


Tahera had too much to offer and she realized working in one place is limitation to her skills and capability.  She then established her social platform in 2001 called “Voice of Afghanistan” blog. She started writing about her experience and life in Afghanistan. Not too late after, she was approached by Foreign Policy Association to write on their social platform for her country and experience. She happily took the offer and officially was a writer on their platform too.


Tahera is a real worrier, she wanted to expand herself more into corporate sector and wanted to expand.  So she established her own private tax firm called “T & R Accountants Pty Ltd” in 2009.  She made her way through “Corporate world” in private sector.


Tahera is a member of professional Association - IPA (Institute of Public Accountants), Registered member of Tax Practitioner board with individual and Master license, governed by Australian taxation office (ATO) and is also an Australian Security & Investment Commission (ASIC) registered Agent.  Tahera also is the founder of Afghan Professional Group social platform.


She focusses on all corporate sector of Afghan communities and help them promotes businesses and social networks and introduce investment opportunities in the Afghan communities through connecting them to Australia trades.


Tahera realized that in women sector there is always a need of women leaders who can be the voice and help. Therefore, she established her charity called Afghan peace Foundation in 2019 to help women in business and runs lots of empowerment programs through community sources and offering her services on volunteer basis.


Tahera has always been demanded more in the Afghan community as well as corporate sector.


She is currently an advocate woman and leader of Afghan community. She has attended many interviews through radios, newspapers and is an inspirational public speaker, (google Tahera Nassrat for further details) please see Appendix A.


She works with all NGOs, other community organizations, and Australian councils and mostly sponsors all community programs.


Tahera organized many educational programs through her charity organization (Afghan Peace Foundation), such as


  • Women around the table (Stop violence against women)

  • Fundraising Bushfire event for Bushfire council.

  • Fundraising Breast Cancer Events yearly.

  • Fundraising Event for Reconstruction of girl’s school in Afghanistan.

  • Fundraising campaign – Walk for breast Cancer

  • Fundraising campaign- walk for Autism

  • Fundraising campaign- walk for Diabetes

  • Welcome party for refugees

  • Settlement programs for newly arrived refugees.


She is a great supporter and sponsors of peace programs around Sydney and work closely with IWPG, IPYG, HWPL and breast cancer council through all their peace projects and fund-raising programs.

​Tahera has travelled around the world and experienced life globally.

She picked education in different countries to grow herself.


  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce at University of Western Sydney in Australia.

  • Advance Diploma of Accounts in Australia

  • Career Development training in Australia

  • Assertiveness development training in London,

  • Team Leading & Management in Scotland,

  • Leader management workshop in London,

  • Tools & Procedures for Effective Development- DFID-Kabul,

  • Geographical Information System (GIS), and Program Manager System in Islamabad.


Tahera is strong, bold, proud, and independent Afghan woman in the business. She believes her success is not a chance but a choice she made!

​She came so far to where she is now, not through easy way but very hard and dark days behind.

​She is a single mother of two children age 8 and 11. Living in Australia with no family members and friend, running a company, charity and supporting over 500 refugees is itself a great achievement which needs to be acknowledged.

Tahera in 2021 has been selected as one of the top businesswomen in parramatta who made their marks in business.

​Her biggest achievement through her charity (APF) in 2021 was reconstruction of girl’s school in Afghanistan.


She was working on the second project (school reconstruction) but unfortunately the regime in Afghanistan has changed and the girl school has been closed and is in the possession of Taliban since - August 2021.


Due to current crisis of Afghanistan, Tahera has delivered many emergencies assistant to newly arrived Afghan refugees in Sydney. She delivered food, clothes, and gift vouchers, welcomed refugees with a big welcome party with more than 100 people from local communities and NGO organizations.


Tahera was also the director of HR Consulting group which was mainly focusing on employment and leadership programs. Through this company she was doing recruitment and helped many jobseekers to find jobs. 


Currently Tahera Nassrat is focusing on refugees’ employment and settlement project.

​She has located many positions for refugees to give a start with their career and life in Australia.

Tahera recent project is called Afghan Park through which she wants to provide permanent community center for Afghans, bringing official recognition of Afghanistan New Year into Cumberland council, which this has been approved by help of Councilor Steve Christou,  and installation of Afghanistan map as sign of Afghanistan Crises into one of the Cumberland parks

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