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Eid Celebration- One Umbrella Cultural & Art Association

It was great to witness another successful event hosted by One Umbrella Cultural and Art Association, supported by Hope and Wish Foundation for Eid Celebration on evening of July 22nd.

The event welcomed the legend of Afghanistan Cinema Ustad Salam Sangi to appreciate and acknowledge his challenging work in history of Afghanistan cinema.

The night also highlighted the arduous work of community leaders, such as Mahboba's Promise who is providing shelter for orphan children of Afghanistan, my good friend Zaki Haidari who is an advocate for Afghan refugees and Craig Foster who had massive role in evacuating the twenty girls from Afghanistan to secure a better living.

The unique part of the night was to see our youths shining, such as Razia jan with her stunning performance from Afghan Orchestra, as well as our Afghan girls artists Elham Jan Ramazani and Navin Khouram for their amazing dance performance among many other communities to represent Afghanistan.

We are delighted to see that the one umbrella association is taking important steps in appreciating artists from different group and ethnicity of Afghanistan into one podium.

Thanks to the three stand tall partners of this association, Fawad Nawabi, Rawi Qasimi and Omid Nezami.

Finally, I was honored to be part of Ustand salam Sangi certificate handout ceremony at the end with many other community leaders.

Thanks Omid jan and the team for the opportunity.

Thank you

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